Information For Medical Profressionals

Having patients reach their care goals efficiently and improving treatment success rates is important to compassionate, well trained health care professionals. The information listed is to help medical professionals make an informed decision on recommending Dr. Bazley to a patient. Whether a patient is referred to the West End or Atlas District office the referring clinician will receive:

  • -Prompt updates on their diagnosis and treatment plan with additional updates at discharge.
  • -Your patients’ will receive an initial trial course of care to determine if our office can help them
  • -Referred back to your office to continue with care.
Changes in allopathic musculoskeletal care:

MRI Scan

Tylenol is no better for low back pain than placebo.

Journal Articles on the Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care and/or spinal manipulation:

The results of a study published in Spine Journal suggest that Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy in conjunction with standard medial care offer a significant advantage for decreasing pain and improving physical functioning when compared to standard care alone, for men and women between the ages of 18-35 with acute low back pain.

A randomized clinical trial and subgroup analysis to compare flexion-distraction with active exercise for chronic low back pain. 

A partnered approach to opioid management, guideline concordant care and the stepped care model of pain management.

Journal Articles on the Safety of Spinal Manipulation:

The Benefits Outweight the Risks for Patients Undergoing Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain: A prospective, Multicenter, Cohort Study.

If you would like to discuss more on how to utilize chiropractic care for your patients please contact the doctor.

Difference between physical therapy and chiropractic care.

The keystone of chiropractic care is optimization of joint movement (spinal or extremity) so that information that neuroreceptors like golgi tendon organs can be interpreted by the central nervous system accurately and that information send to the muscles leads to efficient movement, whether that movement is global like walking or micro like stabilization. Rarely do I look at a problem as a strength issue and not all muscle problems can be boiled down to a lack of stretching. Adhesions in the joint capsule, poor biomechanics and functional movement matters can manifest as muscle stiffness. Pinched nerves are rarely pinched nerves but usually a joint unable to move well in relation to the joints above and below it.  Musculoskeletal pain that does not respond well to over the counter medication usually responds to chiropractic care. Also radiating pain that is not dermatomal in nature responds well to chiropractic care.  Physical therapist are very good at helping a person learn how to walk again, working with patients who have come out casts and who have legitimate strength issues. Also care that might require 20+ visits or treatments over a 2 month period could be better handled by a physical therapist. My care plans average between 3-8 visits and if they are more than 10 visits it’s because of a disc injury, multiple areas of injury (falling down the steps) or chronic conditions in individuals who are slow to heal.

If you would like to discuss more, please contact the doctor.

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