Functional Conservative Care

Move Well at Honey Groove Festival

I am proud to be a community partner of The Honey Groove, a music and arts festival being held Saturday, April 11th in Washington DC. Whether on stage or in the audience, being able to freely enjoy the energy being created requires the ability to sit and stand at leisure. Plus the ability to dance, jump or even snap your fingers if so inspired. If you have ever found yourself trying to enjoy a party with limited range of motion due to stiffness you come to appreciate very quickly the ability to move freely.

Getting the most out of life requires the ability to move, to focus on the horizon and to interact with people at your pleasure. I’m here to help artists and those who love the arts do those things through functional conservative care. Thanks to sponsors of Honey Groove and all it’s supporters for putting on a one of kind event. If you want to move better at Honey Groove please contact meHoney Groove Festival Flyer.