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Winter Health Tips:Vitamin D

There’s been some really warm weather in the DC region this week giving many of us time to enjoy our summer wardrobe one more time this year. However, I have some bad news. As we do our holiday shopping and merry making with our sunglasses on and in short sleeves we aren’t getting the sun rays necessary to convert sunlight into Vitamin D. Yes, you have skin exposed in this unseasonably warm weather, and no it’s not because of the shorter days that we are deficient. Where the Earth is in relationship to the sun makes it’s almost impossible during this time of year (in locations north of Atlanta) to actually absorb the sun rays needed for Vitamin D. So what’s a Washingtonian to do?

Eat more dark leafy greens? It will be incredibly hard to get what we need from Vitamin D from this source alone.

Drink more fortified milk? A lot more milk and eggnog. I hope you’re not lactose intolerant.

Truly, vitamin D supplementation is truly recommended during these winter months. For bone health, to help promote weight loss and to fight the winter blues. Metagenics and Nature’s Way are good companies to for Vitamin D.  Feel free to email me.


<i>Disclaimer: please don’t take this as  diagnose for Vitamin D deficiency. This is general information and not a diagnosis or treatment information.  </i>